IndexJet is the first world company providing access to index investments in the cryptocurrency market

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5 indices is a diversified portfolio of over 50 best cryptocurrencies.

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Each index covers a current trend: top-30 of the market; DeFi; NFT; blockchain games; metaverses.

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An efficient strategy which leads you to long-term profit.

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Thanks to IndexJet, the next to the moon* will be with you!

*to the moon is a common phrase in the crypto community meaning hasty growth of an asset.

IndexJet indices take into account all trends of the current market

IndexJet offers indices covering tokens of top DeFi and NFT projects, blockchain games and the most perspective metaverses.

Advantages of investing into Indices

Investing into Indices is a strategy which efficiency is proved by the best investment funds and investors all over the world.

There are the following advantages of IndexJet indices:

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Accessible investments.

You may possess several dozens of tokens investing from $100 and more.

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A ready diversified portfolio.

We have analysed and selected over 50 best assets for you.

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Money saving.

You do not have to pay fees for purchase and transfer of tokens covered by Indices.

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Time saving.

You have not to spend time to study information, analyse, register many wallets and accounts.

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Simplicity and convenience.

3 minutes for purchase of Indices and you hold all best digital assets.

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High profit.

Some coins covered by Indices grew up more than by 1000% in 2021 only.

Indices is the simplest and fastest way to invest into digital assets

Ready investment portfolio IndexJet

You have not any more to think what to buy and when. You once distribute the capital among Indices and then all portfolio updating processes go automatically.


Recommended variant of capital distribution

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Buying just 5 indices you get a portfolio of over 50 best assets of the today's cryptocurrency market

When is the best time to invest into Indices?

- Always!

Indices is an instrument for long-term investments allowing to earn on a growing trend of top coins.

in long term the market is constantly growing. Therefore there is always a point where the sale price is higher than the price of the current purchase. This is your profit!

To invest into indices